As my journey would have it, I am in an amazing entrepreneurial community.

If that weren’t enough I am on an awesome team. The leader of this team introduced the Law of Attraction.

I had never heard of the Law of Attraction until last December. What is it? It is a day planner. Actually it is more than a day planner.

When it was brought up my mentor had purchased it and told the entire team about it. It was left up to us if we wanted to get one. I had already purchased my day planner for 2021.

I have used a day planner most of my adult married life. First off I needed to look at 5 calendars before I could schedule what days I could work.

Why 5 calendars? I needed to see what my husband’s travel would be for the month. Then each of my 3 children were into sports, dance and other activities. So this is why I have had some kind of a planner.

Well, I liked these planners. They were very pretty and also so much more than just a planner. I didn’t know how extensive it was until I received mine.


It has a monthly calendar. I like the weekly type. It allows me to see a week at once instead of flipping to find the day and date I need to look at. It also allows me to see if I need to move something and where it might be placed.

Another mentor talked about how she highlighted her different activities for the day. I liked that because I know what colors represent which activity. Green is for my business activities where I make money. Blue and Purple are my personal things I need to do. Yellow is for the water I need to drink, 1 gallon a day! Orange is for lunch and dinner. Pink is for special things or meetings I need to do. The white areas usually get filled in with household things like laundry, dusting, floors. It also allows if something runs over. I love it because it is so colorful. It reminds me of a rainbow which was given as a promise. This is my promise I will get done what I need for the day.

So Much More

Actually there is so much more to this planner. In the front I needed to write My Life Statement and My Mission Statement. What is great the book comes with explanations and examples. There is a Roadmap on what needs to get filled in and the page numbers. There are Affirmations I read daily and questions that empower my day. Goal setting for the year. I had to write down 50 goals for the year and then highlight 5 most important to me. I have manifested 1 already. There is a place to create a vision board and so much more.

The team members that started this in January meet at the beginning of the next month and discuss how our previous month went. The goals set for that month and achieved, fears, WINs, what I enjoyed etc. etc.

Will I buy another Law of Attraction Day Planner for the new year when it comes? Yes, because this is so much more than a calendar day planner.

To Your Success,


Deb Andrews
Deb Andrews

I mentor entrepreneurs to bring and grow their business online by giving value and strategies that will bring more leads and sales.

    6 replies to "Law Of Attraction"

    • This sounds like a good planner. I like the fact that it allows you to add 50 goals. I often have that many for the year as well! Thanks for sharing it with us!

      • Deb Andrews

        It was amazing when I thought 50 goals and once I started writing they just came naturally. Thanks for commenting.

    • Martha

      That’s one awesome planner. I need to keep one also and each color represents a different person in the household (there are 4 of us). If we have a family outing we use a totally different color. It makes it so easy to view the planner and see what each person has planned.

    • Lily Leung

      Sounds like a planner I should get. It would help organize my attention deficit brain.

      • Deb Andrews

        It is so worth it for many reason. Thank you for commenting.

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