Yes, it is only August. However if you want to have a Merry Christmas/ Happy Holidays then you have to start now. We are going to give you 6 strategies to kickstart your Holiday marketing.

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It Is Only August Why Start Holiday Marketing?

Now don’t panic. We will give you the strategies and what you do with them is up to you. People are already searching for the holidays. So let’s take advantage and give them things that will help them in their business.


How this helps, marketing for your business, it ramps up your business heading into the new year. If you want to have a running start at the new year now is the time to get your speed going.


Maybe you took some time off from your business this summer. Now you are trying to decide how you are going to finish the year strong? Not only finish strong for your business and also have some cash for those gifts you want to buy for family, friends or whomever.


We did a video giving these 6 strategies to kickstart your marketing that you can watch. What you do with these strategies is up to you.

1. Just pick one(1) product or service to feature. Just pick one that you are going to have all your content centered around that one product or service. That product can be an affiliate product you have or one of your own products or services. Remember just one that you will be sharing that your prospects can buy.

2. Where are you going to feature your product or service? You will need a website. I am recreating my website. You can do the same or build your own.

Why do you need a website? You have to be able to send your prospect some place to buy your product. You can’t guide them to Facebook because things don’t last very long unless you spend money to run ads. That can get very very expensive. So if you have your own site no worries. What you put there will stay there until you take it away. This is how you start to kickstart your holiday marketing.

Sure you could go to Word or Wix and use for free. You have worked hard for these months leading to Christmas and when the holiday is over so is your stuff. Then you have to start over because it is gone, all of it. This is why you should not “shortcut” this process. You won’t have to go through what I went through having someone build my site and then hand it over to me without explaining what I need to do. With the program I reference it will take about 8 weeks and you will have it. This is why you need to start now. You have to have your own domain.

3. Now you need to write 10 blogs. 10 blog posts for one product. We have talked about different kinds of blog posts before in our videos. You can do anything like benefits or testimonials or comparisons. Just get these blogs done and the next thing you are going to do for the blogs…

4. Graphics! What am I talking about, graphs, no pictures. These can be pictures of your product or something related to it. This draws people in.

So how do you do this? Have you heard of Canva. Canva is awesome for creating what you want in your blogs. Be creative with it. Canva has tutorials you can watch to learn if this scares you to be creative. It is fun. You will need to create a minimum of 3 graphics for each blog post. Make sure you put the name of your product in the graphic. That is called a keyword. Google likes keywords. When people are searching they will be going for certain words to find what they want. You have put your keywords in and Google picks up on it and shows your prospect your product. Are you starting to see how it works? We are getting you set up for sales.

Alright, you have your product, your site, your content and graphics. Done? Not yet, you still need a couple more strategies to kickstart your marketing. Now you will…

5. Syndicate. No one is going to see your website or your blogs as they don’t know about them yet. You put your content on places like Quora, Tumblr and Medium. These sites have more traffic and your blogs will get seen quicker. Actually, you won’t put your content on Quora. This is a place where people ask questions. You can answer those questions that fit you and your product. You can also syndicate to social media.

6. You will place your blogs on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Pinterest and You tube just to name a few. You are helping get your product out there. To help with this scheduling because you have a life, you will schedule them on the different social media and times they will post. A tool to use for this is Coscheduler and even Canva has a way to schedule out for you. You tube has a scheduler also. Oh, yes, you are going to want to do LIVE videos talking about your product.

Here are your 6 strategies to kickstart your holiday marketing that your business will start to ramp up for the end of the year and put some cash in your pocket for those Christmas gifts.

Check out the program for your website and blogging.

To Your success,


Deb Andrews
Deb Andrews

I mentor entrepreneurs to bring and grow their business online by giving value and strategies that will bring more leads and sales.

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