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How To Finally Create Your Blog Without Being A Technology Genius

Let's get you started building your business online with a blog.

With your blog, you can bring a lot of value for any product or service.

A blog gives you "space" to write about the value you want your prospect to learn. That can be your product or service. This can help you build your team also.

The steps in this ebook will guide you to everything you will need to get started and how to get your blog online for your prospects to find you.

In this ebook you do not have to be a technology genius.

The steps are easy to follow to set up the home for your blog to live.

Once you get everything set up, you will need to write your blog.

Small Steps

Have you ever asked yourself these questions about blogging?

Do I have to be a writer to start a blog?
Can I really make money with affiliate marketing from my blog?
How can I teach my passion from a blog?

Why I Wrote This Book

I was a Network Marketer when I started my home business. That was great for awhile. Then my business started to slow down. I really liked being an entrepreneur and did not want to go back to a job.

So I brought my business online. It was not quite that easy though. I did not really know technology. Yes, I had email and a smart phone. The only things I knew were how to get my emails and well, let's put it this way my smart phone was definitely smarter than I was then.

I found a marketing community that said they taught how to get a business online. I did learn technology as their videos showed. Yes I basically followed videos. That would have been totally ok except I didn't know technology terminology. I had many many tears.

Finding a mentor helped tremendously. She explained different things to help me understand. She also is the one that stated I needed to write my blog.

Actually, before I could or should do that I needed to get some things set up. Yes, I struggled through this part to.

That is why I wrote this ebook. I know the struggle I had and really want to help you not have those struggles.

simple instructions

"Thanks Deb for breaking things down in a very simple to consume way. I literally re-built an entire blog just following these steps!"


How To Finally Create Your Blog Without Being A Technology Genius You Will Learn:

Acquire Website

The first step is you will need is to acquire the "land" for your blog to live.


The next step you will need the architectural design, the walls.


Now you will need to hire an interior designer.


After this you will learn how to keep your reader's attention.


Through this entire process you will learn how to turn readers into leads.


Last you will learn how to keep in contact with your leads.

No strings attached approach

"I'm a person that just like things clear and simple. Everything you need to build your blog is right here! No strings attached approach. Thanks Deb!"


You are just one click away from bringing your business online in a few short steps.

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