I am so glad you are here. My name is Deb Andrews.

Stepping out of the medical field as an R.N. into the entrepreneurial scene is what I did over 11 years ago. Whoa, what a change, Network Marketing is where I landed. Nurse’s Training taught me nothing about becoming an entrepreneur.

I learned the “old school” way and there were plenty of struggles.

The home meetings, awkward messages sent to strangers, posting products online worked for my company however not for me.

As I grew as an entrepreneur, I took my business online. This was neither cheap nor easy to learn Digital marketing.

Talk about struggles! That is why I do not want you to struggle as I did.

*  Learning what it means to be an entrepreneur.

*  Learning how to have a business online to grow it and your team.

*  Learning how to grow yourself.

These are all reasons why I am glad you are here. To help you around the pit falls, to move you and your business forward.

Network Marketing gets a bad wrap and a lot of it is because of bad strategies and tactics that are taught.

                                                                       My Mission

To help you find your potential as an entrepreneur and grow a Laptop Lifestyle. To give you the time freedom to do other things in life.

                                                                  What You Will Not Get

Content that is filled with advertising that will hinder you reading my blog. It drives me crazy trying to read a blog and there is seemingly more advertising than content!

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