WOW! This is the finale of the 12 Point Checklist For Building An Online Business. Yes I really mean it. The last point and it is exciting.

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Yes, I do fully understand that these 12 points that are required for building an online business takes time. However, in order to be at least successful in getting your business online, you have to take the time for each step, each point.

So, today is the last point, number 12! Let’s LAUNCH.

Time To Launch

Week 5 – Point 12 – Time To Launch

Well, maybe or maybe not. Have you done everything I have talked about in the previous 4 blogs? There are people that have launched their business anywhere between 3 months and 5 years!

Doing all of the other 11 points may take some time. Everyone is different. Each step is also unique to each person but should be followed for any business.

You are finally starting out as to who you are. This means you have to reach out to your target audience and let them know who you are.

How you do that is with social media or email. Although, if you are just starting out you may not have an email list yet.

These 12 points for building your online business has been a lot of behind the scene things and where your business resides, your website.

It’s Your Online Business

It is your online business. However guess what? Hear what I am saying, has been around for a lot longer than your!

That means when you launch you are actually in the stage where you are trying to get people from wherever they are on the internet to you.

This is what I mean by the three months to 5 years. Because depending on your niche, depending on what and how you’ve done your research and your competitive analysis, blog one, you already know who your competitors are.

You already know the market and the landscape. This means you already know you will have a little uphill battle to climb. This does not mean your audience is not out there though. They are.

What you will be focusing on now during your launch is getting people to your products or services. How will you do that?


Time To Engage

How will you engage them? Your social media is where you will engage with your posts, blogs, newsletters, and yes possibly emails.

The big thing about all of this is consistency. You have to be consistent in order for them to see that you are reaching out to them again.

“Gosh, this is you again. I just read something from her/him yesterday.”

This is how they start to learn who you are. If you are giving really good value to them, it will perk them up and they will start to LIKE you.

Consistency and value are number one to start to find your audience. Second of all eventually getting them to engage with you.

You want a consistently engaged audience that is going to want to buy from you.

Research Is Done

Because you did your research in the 12 point checklist, you have learned who you really want to sell to. You know what their struggles or problem is.

So launch really means driving traffic to your offers. Inside your launch you are going to find this nice little cycle. It is the cycle you started way back when you learned about the 12 point checklist for building an online business.

You are back in the lab testing. Yes, you read that right! You will always be testing. What you don’t think Amazon doesn’t test all the time on products are good or in?

This testing though is with your traffic. The first testing was going through your funnel, to see if people were even interested in buying this product. Now you are testing your traffic right through your funnel.

With this testing your are gathering insights from your posts, advertising, blogs every aspect of your activities.

These insights are things like how many people saw your post, how many people did you send email newsletter and/or how many people opened the email. How many people clicked on your ad and how many clicked to your website.

These insights are what you will analyze the data. As you work along with your business, three months, one year, 5 years, your audience will be changing and this is what the testing it all about. You are growing and so is your business. Your audience will grow with you. So it is always, testing, and analyzing. This is how you know to make your tweaks and make the changes needed.

Your product should be something that can solve a problem, a specific problem. As your audience evolves you will evolve and possibly your product or service will.

Possibly your product or service will too depending on what your business is. You have gone through the backbone of setting everything up. Therefore, what you really will be doing is modifying and implementing your solution.

You are always going to be testing and analyzing once you launch until you decide to close your online business.

To Your Success,


Deb Andrews
Deb Andrews

I mentor entrepreneurs to bring and grow their business online by giving value and strategies that will bring more leads and sales.

    12 replies to "Finale – 12 Point Checklist For Building An Online Business"

    • Bing

      Wow! This is a good post! But I have to back to the first post and list them down and learn from all of these blog posts.

      Thanks for sharing.

      • Deb Andrews

        Bing, you are very welcome. It really will be worth reading them all. I have to warn you, I have been told the video does not work. However, you won’t miss anything as I have written all the points below. Thank you for commenting.


    • Tamara

      Nice post, thank you for your recommendation.

      In your experience is there such a thing as "over engaging"?
      Sometimes I feel stalked by a business. I just visited a website, maybe I took a free quiz, and boom, I'm getting a ton of e-mails, reminding me that I should download their so-and-so guide, purchase their oh so wonderful product, attend this awesome webinar…

      I feel like "de-registering" from a newsletter I never signed up in the first place prompts even more e-mails. "We miss you", "did we do something to upset you?" "here's a coupon for your next order…"

      Could they just leave me alone, please?

      • Deb Andrews

        Tamara, This breaks my heart for you and them. Obviously, they don’t know to build a relationship first. They might have something really good however they have gone all wrong in attracting people. Unsubscribe and just keep with that until it eventually stops. Thank you for commenting.


    • This is great info! Now I have to read the other 11 points.

      • Deb Andrews

        Kate, yes it will make more sense if you start at the beginning. If you have any questions, just reach out to me. Thank you for commenting.


    • Roy A Ackerman, PhD EA

      Even after you launch, you will be continually refining and improving. it is not a one point does all.

      • Deb Andrews

        Roy, exactly. Always tweaking and improving especially as your audience changes as you change. Thank you for commenting.

    • vidya

      I need to review all previous 11 points in order once again though I am sure I must have read a couple of them earlier. This is definitely going to help me (though I don't really have an online business, just my casual blog!)
      Based on this checklist, I know the series is going to help a lot

      • Deb Andrews

        Vidya, thank you for commenting. Have a great day.


    • Amanda

      Thank you Deb some great points, I will check out your initial post. The points are key especially if you want to start an online business, thanks for sharing

      • Deb Andrews

        Amanda, you are welcome. May I ask do you have a business? I have walked the walk of bringing my business online! Thank you for commenting

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