This blog is the start of a 12 point check list for building an online business series. Doesn’t matter if you are a network marketer brining your business online or refocusing a business.

This week 1 will be covering points 1-2-3.

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Week 1 – Point 1 – The Idea

You are brand new and want to start an online business. I had a business but wanted to bring it online. The idea will help with both of these.

As a newbie you would ask how do I do this and where do I get started?

The question you would probably ask, already having a business, is how do I freshen up what I have already.

The first step in the 12 point check list for building an online business series is your idea. You have an idea of the business you want to do online. Most network marketers are not taught to do business online.

With your idea, new business or already a business, you want to bring this to your avatar, your audience, your tribe. Oh no, a thought crosses your mind there are probably millions of people that want to or are doing what I want to do.

Rest assured, no one can say it or do it the way you can and will. This is why you keep your avatar in your thoughts. Your avatar is who you will be bringing this business to. There is only one you. You will put a different spin on your idea like no one else has done.

The thing that makes any business idea great isn’t the idea itself, but who is it going to serve?

Point 2 – Make Ideas Great Again

Make ideas great again is point 2 of the 12 point check list for building an online business.

You have to have a product or service which is where your idea came from to bring it online. With network marketing there are a lot of people with products to sell.

Network marketers usually do what they are told and miss the step of asking questions. You have to know if any one wants your product or service first.

You should follow what brick and mortar businesses do. They ask a lot of questions. You need to do this by diving deep with the questions, do surveys to get your answers.

The reason why you do this is to find out if your product or service is wanted or needed. This helps your idea become a great idea for the people who want it.

The questions also help you with making your business plan.

You have to get out there and be present with value for them. They say they like what they are learning and because they are learning, they will follow you to learn more.

Now they are interested in what you have because part of your value has been part of what you are going to eventually sell to them.

Point 3 – Money, money, money

This step, point 3 in the 12 point check list for building an online business series, is understanding the model. You can package businesses differently.

Some things you may have heard, come online because it has leverage or time freedom. If you are coming from the corporate world this sounds great or possibly retired working a home business. The time freedom is mostly what grabs people’s attention.

Well, from experience I can tell you most of us have less time.

What you say!! What I said in points 1 and 2, the idea, digging deep with questions and then getting started. That all takes time.

Giving the value to educate them. That takes consistency. You work hard to build the rapport, to build the relationship. To make money this is what has to be done.

It takes time to get there.

Your questions also need to be about business models. If you have done the research properly you won’t be asking yourself, what am I doing this for?

That’s the questions you need to ask and define in your business model.

This last part take seriously as you move online and start. You have to be careful of the shiny objects. If you don’t have a business plan, a road map of where you are going and what you want to accomplish, you can put out a lot of money for different tools they say you need.

Your business as you discover doesn’t need that particular tool. Save yourself money and time by having that business plan. These 3 points are the beginning of the 12 point check list for building online series.

This is the foundation of your online business. The foundation of the next 9 steps for your online business.

These will be covered in the following blogs.

If you got value from this foundation part of the 12 points for building an online business series please comment below.

Share this blog as someone else might need these 12 points to start an online business series.

To Your Success,


Deb Andrews
Deb Andrews

I mentor entrepreneurs to bring and grow their business online by giving value and strategies that will bring more leads and sales.

    8 replies to "12 Point Check list For Building An Online Business Series"

    • Samantha T

      HI there Deb. Thank you for the great tips. I have heard from many people about the benefit of consistency and I truly believe it does help. So glad to be part of this challenge this month. Thank you for sharing your posts and I look forward to the rest of your series.

      • Deb Andrews

        Samantha, thank you for commenting. Yes, people have to get to know you then like you and then they can trust

          ou. Consistency is the way for online business building.
    • Kate Loving

      Now a days, the online business arena is expanding! I just started an e-commerce business on Amazon! I look forward to the next adventure!

      • Deb Andrews

        Kate, thank you for commenting. Congrats on your ecommerce business and much success to you.

    • Martha

      What a well laid out plan from r abyie interested in an online business.

      • Deb Andrews

        Martha, thank you for commenting. I know I needed something to guide me when I brought my business online.

    • Amanda

      Nice! Writing a business plan can be intimidating for a lot of people. It doesn't have to be. I work for Shopify and we have lots of free resources for people to use (regardless of whether they choose to use our platform or not). There's a free business plan template here:

      • Deb Andrews

        Amanda, thank you for commenting. It is so nice that you are reaching out to help also. New entrepreneurs or someone that wants to bring their business online can be so overwhelmed with what it takes to get started.

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