I have been very intent on completing a challenge that is called 75HARD. It is a mental toughness challenge mostly.

Well, it ended on May 31 as I completed the whole thing. Yes, I’m proud of my self and now it is like “what do I do now?”

The first 2 days after the challenge was over I can’t explain how I felt. I guess at first, no pressure to get everything done. That would be:

2 – 45 minute workouts daily with the second one outside

read 10 pages of a personal growth book. No Audio.

follow a diet

no cheat meals or alcohol

take a progress picture daily

drink 1 gallon of water daily

I didn’t have to get up early to get the first workout in. I still was and went for a workout. You see this has become a habit. I only am doing one workout so far daily now.

I still am eating clean but I have had an ice cream bar after dinner for the last 2 evenings. I have always drank a fair amount of water so that is not going away. I have not had my husband take a picture. Yes, I am still reading as I was doing that long before this challenge came into my life. I have not had a glass of wine yet though.

In all honesty I do feel like something is missing. On the other hand the mental focus that I gained while doing the challenge is still very much helping me get my things done.

I am scheduled with some friends to do another 75HARD in less than a month! Am I crazy? Oh, I just looked at the app on my phone and Andy, the guy who created this challenge, says I am ready for Phase One!! Of course I had to open the app to see what Phase One is. It is the challenge activities plus several more things.

Yeah, I don’t think I will be doing Phase One. I will be honest the plus things I’m not thrilled with, a 5 minute cold shower is one!

I will be starting my next 75HARD with friends in 26 days and that will take care of Phase One!

I will continue to do the habits until I need to bump them up for the next challenge. I don’t know I think I must be a little crazy.

To Your Success,


Deb Andrews
Deb Andrews

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