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Social Media Can Be Very Time Consuming

When I brought my business online is when I learned about social media and what is needed to help a business.

You probably know in actually any business people have to Know, Like and then Trust you before they will buy from you. In order to do that you have to do the content that teaches them who you are. They will want to know all about you.

So, I am learning that I need to give value to them. Giving value will be done by posting, and not just once. I had to be consistent with my posts.

My coaches that I had when coming online stated to post 3 times per day, at different times of course. My thought “ok. I can do this.”

I would sit down on a Sunday usually and sit for 2 to 3 hours creating my posts. I used my business page as I could schedule them out through the day and week. Yes, I would create at least 21 posts on the Sundays. That would free me up for at least a week. Sometimes those weeks seem to go very fast. It got to be very time consuming!

If you are a new entrepreneur or network marketer don’t let this scare you. Actually, I wrote a series on how to get an online business started that might help you.

Finding Time For Social Media Posting

I stated I chose Sunday afternoons to do my content writing. You will have to look at your schedule and figure out what will work for you. I would schedule on my business page.

With time my schedule got busier as my business started to grow. I did cut my posts to two per day and then once per day however I was still consistent.

My business page grew but I wanted a place that would allow me to reach a bigger audience. That was my personal page! However Facebook did not allow for scheduling on the personal page. That was a real bummer. As Social media grew they decided to take away some things and scheduling on the personal page was one. This was not making Social Media easy for me. At the same time I was becoming inconsistent with my posts. Trying to think of content for all those posts got to be so time consuming.

Introduced To A Tool To Make Social Media Easy

Part of the time writing content, at least for me, was what value can I give now. Having some luck, a friend was telling me about a social media tool she found. You could call it a system but it is something to help with one of the tactics that has to be done in your business.

This awesome tool as I have found out is Viral Marketing Stars. I don’t have to think!!

You might know when thinking of content sometimes you can think too much. It seemed like there were times my brain would hurt. I needed something at this point to help me make social media easy.

There are people selling social media Canva templates all over the internet. However most of those templates don’t come with a system with instructions.

Instructions how to change the image in the template to your image or change the text to your brand text.

Viral Marketing Stars is a content creation system for your social media. Your social media is supposed to help you in your business right?

Their system shows you how to import all of the content into your computer. This way you can very easily and quickly update these templates with your own brand colors. Because maybe your brand color is blue and their templates come in pink. Or maybe you’re a guy selling golf stuff!

This just makes your content creation easier.

Content Creation Made Easy

It is not like all those others that get the templates and don’t know how to change the colors or change the images or the text. It also has the purpose for the template. The purpose being conversation or credibility and different repurposing ideas.

VMS gives you different ways of using the templates based on your niche.

What does this mean? You can create all your images in one shot. It takes me now about an hour. The interesting thing is you can download them and then schedule them out or schedule them through Canva directly.

While they don’t have any FREE packages, there are different packages of maybe 100 of their most popular templates for maybe $20. As a new entrepreneur you could start off with something like that. That is better than getting a graphic designer for probably at least $1000.

The bad part with that is not only is that very expensive but they don’t know your business, your audience or your messaging. So you end up literally creating the content anyway. They just make it look pretty.

One thing about social media is social media punishes you for inconsistency. If you are not being consistent on your social platforms then you basically are starting from scratch. You want to have a pool, a resource of assets that you can get out there even if you aren’t getting a lot of engagement.

Your social media is there for you to connect with other people. So just think if someone came to your website and read one of your blogs, one of the first things they’re going to do is check you out on social media.

So if you need to make social media easy, check this information out.

To Your Success,


Deb Andrews
Deb Andrews

I mentor entrepreneurs to bring and grow their business online by giving value and strategies that will bring more leads and sales.

    5 replies to "Social Media Made Easy"

    • Doug

      Hi Deb,
      I usually spend a few hours for each of my posts. I spend a lot of time selecting the photo i want to include then editing it to be the right size to load up on the web. Sometimes I include a video which often requires editing too.
      I am a slow at typing so sometimes I dictate the text then edit.
      It is a lot of work for me but there is a sense of satisfaction when it is done and posted.

      • Deb Andrews

        Doug, I totally get it. I do the same thing. Yes it can take awhile to get just what you or I want however sometimes the automation really does cut some of the time after the project is done. Thank you for commenting.

    • vidya

      So true about inconsistency and social media; I am working on that with more focus now – to be consistent.. But I have still not been able to produce content to schedule beforehand no matter how much I think I will .. for now, it is being consistent across all fronts on a day by day basis 🙂

      • Deb Andrews

        Vidya, we do what we can do. We all have lives that things happen in. All we can do is the best we can do and keep moving. Thank you for commenting.

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