I have always made lists, To Do Lists! These lists had everything I needed to get done in a day. Sometimes that happened and sometimes it didn’t, getting everything done, personal and business on one(1) list.

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The Power List

But 7 months ago I heard about a Power List!

Now you are probably asking what’s the difference?

Besides the name I didn’t know either.

I was participating in a Mastermind Challenge when I heard about the Power List.

The Power List is designed to

create new habits

end your day before you even start your day

It is NOT a Goal or To Do list.

How The Power List Works

When creating your Power List, it’s better to have a journal or note book to write in. This makes it easier to keep the notes together and to reference later.

You will write the 5 Critical Tasks to accomplish that day in order to move your business forward.

Yes, the Power List is for business.

Why do this every day? To create habits.

These tasks are put on your Power List daily until they become a habit.

Then you can take the task off the list.

Since it is a habit now, you don’t have to be reminded to do it.

Some examples that go on your list

clean eating

working out


Yes, there can be personal things that you want and need to become a habit.

Trying to get healthier so you have clean eating and working out.

In order to be able to have the stamina to do your business or have energies to do your job, you need to be healthy.

Once you have the habit of eating better and a work out routine, take them off the list.

5-5-3 is an income producing activity. This kind of activity needs to be done daily also. That is if you want your business to grow.

What 5-5-3 means is your daily interactions with 5 new people or following up with 5 people. The second 5 is you doing a 3 way call or short presentation with 5 people. The 3 means that 3 people are actually watching a video or have joined the Mastermind Challenge.

If you need or want to grow your business faster then you just increase the numbers, 10-10-6 or 15-15-9. Whatever it takes to move your business forward.

Win The Day

Creating habits for Ws – WIN the day for moving forward.

The Ws mean:

  1. It creates momentum
  2. Belief in yourself increases
  3. WIN the day

There are days, not many, when I have gotten Ls. I don’t like to see those and it just makes me more determined for the next day.

2021 you want it to be your best year.

This happens by winning the day and winning the week which means winning the month.

Doing this consistently, you WIN the year.

WIN lots of years = a Great Life

The Power List not only creates habits but it creates consistency.

To WIN you have to be consistent. Therefore, you have built consistent habits.

This does not need to take 8-10-12 hours a day. You can WIN your day early.

Working in 50 minute increments helps get this accomplished.

Set a timer and get to work on one of your tasks.

This is uninterrupted time. Turn the notifications off.

When the timer goes off, get up and move or do something for 10 minutes and then set the timer again for another 50 minutes.

Before you know it your tasks for the day will be done.

Maybe this only took you just the morning.

Now you can either spend a little more time with a business task or the rest of the day is however you want to spend it. The beginning of the Laptop Lifestyle!

All of this will become habit forming if you are committed to it!

WIN the day by starting the night before! Before you go to bed, look at your next day and see what tasks you have to get done and then do your Power List.

This helps you get started in the morning because you did your list the night before.

My business has moved forward since I started the Power List. I know it will work for you.

To Your Success,



Deb Andrews
Deb Andrews

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