This blog is going to be just for fun. The idea is to show you an awesome trip I just got back from a few weeks ago. This was a business/fun trip.

Getting ready for this trip was a little scary. Why you ask? I was flying out of the country for the first time without my husband. He decided not to go. I think he thought we might be in meetings. That definitely was not the case.

So are you curious where I went?

Welcome to Jamaica, Mon

Having Fun with Friends

My flight was good going. There were no issues with flights, or transportation to the resort.

The weather was very hot and humid. No one really cared.

The pool kept us cool. Look closely, there were even cute floaties for people if they wanted.

This is the entrepreneurial community that we all belong to. What fun supporting each other in our businesses and traveling and partying together too!

This was all of us getting to meet each other IN PERSON after 18 months of zooms!!

Impromptu Photo Shoot

Then it was decided we would do a photo shoot. Oh my gosh, it was so fun. Who says it had to be a professional taking the shots?

Friends just having fun!

Of course you can’t have gone so far from home and be in a beautiful setting without doing an evening cruise!

And of course we had to eat!

So you see this was my business/fun trip to Jamaica. We really did have meetings as you can see in the pool, on the beach, on a boat and having a business dinner!

To Your Success,



Deb Andrews
Deb Andrews

I mentor entrepreneurs to bring and grow their business online by giving value and strategies that will bring more leads and sales.

    4 replies to "Just A Fun Blog"

    • Heidi Albertson

      When you're with people this great whether you're working on your business or playing by the pool you are having a good time. I'm so thrilled we get to work, travel, and play together. Learning skills to grow our businesses and sharing great talks it was an amazing trip!!

      • Deb Andrews

        Heidi, yes it was a wonderful trip especially getting to see you in person! I think I loved the hugs the best. Thank you for commenting.

    • Yvonne A Jones

      Happy you got to enjoy my Home Country, Deb. I must say you're bolder than I am because I declined to visit our home there a month ago because of what's going on there with COVID-19. As business owners/entrepreneurs, we need those times to have fun and relax as we learn.

      • Deb Andrews

        Sometimes it is good to not be aware of some things. I was not given any notice of what was going on. My tests going to and coming home were negative. I really enjoyed your beautiful country. Thank you for commenting.

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