I have talked about my Power List before. The Power List are the things I need to get done for my business in that particular day to help move me forward. It should be in a notebook or if your Day Planner has space just put it there.

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As you can see, I have listed a few things for you to get the idea. All of these are things that help me move forward. All of the things I will do for the day. For example Birthdays/Groups, I see whose birthday it is for that particular day. Then I send a message wishing that person Happy Birthday and send them a travel certificate as a gift. These are a benefit to me in my entrepreneurial community to give away. My community is not a travel agency. We just have access to give these certificates to whomever and I can use it for my own personal use too. I love this benefit.

YEP Live is every day. One of the Master Trainers is LIVE and teaches us on many different things. All of this training is for business and how to grow our team and our business by helping other entrepreneurs we are building a relationship with. You should never stop learning.

IPA, no it’s not a beer! It stands for Income Producing Activity. There are leaders that set up a zoom and anyone in the Team on Fire, part of the entrepreneurial community, get together and work. How do we work? There are zooms set up every day at different times because of those that are in different time zones. This way they can join any day that the time works for their schedule. The IPA lasts for one hour. Before starting the leader running the zoom asks if there are any questions. Why? Because there are a lot of new people and they might not know how to prospect this way. After questions have been answered a timer is set for usually 15-20 minutes and then we are quiet as we are reaching out usually in messenger to people that we have started building a relationship with. You have to build the relationship as entrepreneur to entrepreneur. Asking questions to get to know them. What might they be struggling with in their business and can I give value to help them?

Team on Fire has a zoom, LID, Leaders in Development. This group talks about things happening in the Young Entrepreneur Project, finding out how the IPAs are going, planning a Masterclass for the team and their guests. This group of leaders help answer questions for the rest of the team.

The Leadership zoom is put on by corporate. Our Ceo and Master Trainer keep us informed of what is happening with YEP. This is when they pour into us. This training is always something to help us grow as entrepreneurs.

What is on the Power List above is an example of what might be put on someone’s daily activity. The reasoning is to do it and have it become a habit. Once it is a habit then that activity is taken off and something new or different is added. The Power List has helped me grow myself and my business because I see what I need to get accomplished for the day. As I get it done I give it a check mark. When I have gotten everything done on my list no matter how long it takes, I give myself a W. I have WON the day. If I get every thing done before noon, the rest of the day is what I want to do. If I procrastinated for whatever reason and don’t get everything done I put an L. I don’t like the Ls. I LOST the day. The Power List has helped me not procrastinate anymore.

I have always had To Do Lists and it would be a whole number of things. Some days I got it done and some days I didn’t. The Power List has helped me realize all I need is 5 most important things to get done for the day.

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Deb Andrews
Deb Andrews

I mentor entrepreneurs to bring and grow their business online by giving value and strategies that will bring more leads and sales.

    2 replies to "5 Things On My Power List"

    • Florence Callender

      Hey, Deb, your power list and explanations make so much sense. I usually make a list of things I need to complete for the week, then I schedule them in my calendar. On many days, I get sidetracked by “emergencies” and end up with important tasks unfinished. I will try your daily power list, beginning with 3 things, then moving on to 5. Thanks for this article.

      • Deb Andrews

        Florence, Yes, start with 3. That is where I started. You will be amazed how much you will get done. That is why I am at 5. Let me know if you want to chat. You are awesome and you can do this! Thank you for commenting.

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