First impressions are key!

If you don’t make a good one, you are dead in the water.

You’ve been taught by your upline to just talk to everyone, invite them to a home party or a hotel meeting.

But you keep hearing people say “NO!”

… or worst yet, “Let me think about it.”

Your thoughts now are …

“I’m tired of CHASING people!”

“All my actions I’m taking, how can I get the results I’m wanting (new customers and distributors?)

“How do I get people to ASK ME about my business?”

Well, all network marketers have been in these shoes.

Prospecting is very tiring and can make you feel like all you are doing is spinning your wheels. And doing that doesn’t get you very far.

So, here’s the truth …

The traditional “old school” network marketing method just doesn’t work!

In fact, if you have been following what your upline has said to do, you probably are …

Repelling people rather than attracting them to your business !

But you are in luck! There is a solution.

The solution is called “Reverse Invite Method.”

I have people reaching out to me every day, asking what am I doing.

With this, you won’t need to worry about finding and inviting people because people will be constantly reaching to you.

Wondering actually how this works, what platform you will use, and will it cost me ?

Here are the basics …

My primary platform is Facebook

I use Facebook as my primary platform.

Paid Facebook advertising, I use some but also use organic, non-paid stuff as well.

All of these can be used on your personal profile, your business or fan page and in groups.

The Reverse Invite principles are always the same !

It all starts when you create a post with curiosity.

The curiosity posts that work best …

Basic text and picture

Facebook LIVE

If funds are tight, you can use organic. This is free exposure in your News Feed.

You can pay to boost a post. What you’re paying for is putting you in front of a global audience. This is when you start to scale and create leverage.

How do you create a enough curiosity that people will reach out to you?

For me, I like Facebook LIVES. People can see me and hear me immediately.

But if this is a little scary to do a Facebook LIVE or any kind of video marketing, you don’t have to.

Doesn’t matter if you are using Facebook LIVE or a basic post, ask yourself:

“What do people need to know about what I’m promoting to get them to enroll, or just move forward ?”

The answer will be different for everyone.

There might be several things people need to know not just one thing.

What is it that is keeping them stuck and not moving forward?

What critical information is missing for them to solve their issue?

What realization do they need to move forward?

You need to find those things.

Digging deep into the PROBLEM or PAIN of what it is they are going through right now is your first step.

If you need help finding your prospects TRUE motivators, read this:

Write Effective Facebook Ads that Attract Your Target Market

Then …

Instruct them to take action in order to learn more

Possibly you ask them to comment “more info” on your post.

Or you can ask them to follow a link that they will get more detailed information.

Maybe you instruct them to message you on Messenger for more information.

This is how you “reverse” the invite.

You will lead people to the point that they think …

“Oh, this sounds like a solution that will help eliminate my pain and solve my problem!”

They will invite themselves.

If you’re needing some help framing your solution and articulating its benefits, read this:

Proven Formula for Writing Killer Ad Copy that Closes More Sales

OK, now a question that is asked:

Should you share your product on your Facebook LIVE ?

The answer is a resounding NO, absolutely and positively NO!

This is actually the biggest mistake a new network marketer or affiliate marketer can make.

You see the new marketers think it’s the product that creates the excitement for people.

Actually, the truth is people don’t care about your products!

There hasn’t been enough information given to really care about your products.

You have to create the awareness that they need your product first.

The secret is simple:

It’s NOT your product or service that makes you unique !

It all comes to the point of finding out what makes YOU, or whatever you are selling unique.

How does your product or service help someone reduce or eliminate the pain they are experiencing NOW?

For an example, let’s talk about weight loss.

People really aren’t interested in learning how to lose weight.

They already know how to lose weight.

They want to know how your product is DIFFERENT from every thing else they have seen or tried.

What IS interesting to them is your unique position about your products.

Once someone is willing to walk through your process until they say, “Yes, I need to talk with you about something”, this is when you can have that conversation about what you have and why they need it.

Making sense?

That first “YES” is the most important

You will show you care and understand by getting them to talk about the problems they are having. Let them know you can relate to the problems and then you will tell them there is a solution, WITHOUT giving it away.

You will create curiosity that they want to learn more.

In order to learn more, they will have to take action to reach out to

You to get the info they want because of how you set it up.

How do you create curiosity? By telling a story.

Have you heard “facts tell, stories sell”?

Network marketers hear this all the time but few really don’t understand how it works.

People WANT to get onboard when hearing compelling stories.

When a network marketer goes on and on about their amazing life and how their life has changed since they joined their company. This ANNOYS everyone, family, friends and anyone else they come in contact with.

What’s the answer to keep from annoying people?

How you can attract people instead of repelling them?

The simple truth is …

Your company, no matter what system you are using, didn’t get you where you are.

You did it. Your company and product were just the vehicles.

So, the fact is, instead of focusing on your company, product or service, you need to focus on yourself. You are the unique person with a unique story.

Focus on making YOU the unique selling point. That way people will reach out to you.

The company you are with or product you are promoting

Doesn’t matter.

You create the bond and develop the rapport with people. You do this through

Your story, your posts your Facebook LIVES. This will have your prospects say …

“I like Deb. I want to work with her.”

The bond YOU have created with people is going to take you further with them than your product ever will.

Stop and think about it this way …

When I first started, people would ask …

“How’s it going? You’ve been with this company awhile.”

Well, I would lie…

Yup, lied right to their face and told them …

“Everything is going very well.”

I don’t lie very well and so they could tell.

I was LOSING more money than I was making!

But I thank God everyday because I learned how to flip that story.

You can’t lose by telling the truth. And that is what I started doing.

People could connect with me now.

The value I was giving was coming from my heart and they could tell it was the truth.

My shift in this value was I was coming from a place of SERVICE. That is the “big secret.”

They saw right through my lies.

But now they can see my energy has changed, my body language and me just being “present”.

Changing my focus to service, to asking …

“How can I serve the people I’m trying to attract? What value can I bring to their lives?”

That’s where my circumstances changed.

The more you bring service and value, you become the

Servant leader. The more authentic you are, that is when people want to join you.

All it took was for me to share the truth of my story.

Not saying …

“Everything is great. I’m making a lot of money.”

I told the truth.

“This is what I’m doing and this is how I’m helping people. Here’s my results. This is what’s working for me. You can do this too. Let me show you how.”

It really is that simple.

It’s called ” Attraction Marketing”

So, if this is totally new to you, I encourage you to sign up for Elite Marketing Pro’s FREE 10 day Online Recruiting Bootcamp. You will learn more about how to build your network marketing business online. You won’t be annoying family and friends by continuing to talk about your products.

I used to drive hours to try and connect with prospects. I’m so glad I don’t do that anymore.

This can happen for you, too.

EMP’s Bootcamp has the same information I used to learn how to market myself online.

You’ll learn how to use the most cutting edge online methods to rank advance, sell more stuff, recruit more people and make more money in your business.

To learn more

To Your Success,

Deb Andrews


Elite Marketing Pro


It is the law that I inform you that I might receive compensation when products featured herein are purchased. But for the most part, it is just me, Deb, trying to help you.



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Deb Andrews

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