I have a few more than two people I admire. Space would not be my friend and I would probably bore you way before the end. So I will keep it to only two people.

This topic had me thinking about who and why I admire someone or in my case two people.

I believe it is probably natural to admire a grandparent and in my case grandparents. My grandma and grandpa were very special people in my life. They both have been gone a long time. I really don’t think time has faded my memory of either of them. At least of some of the more memorable moments.

When I was about 13 months old my mom went back to work. I was the first born and since I was the only child so far, it was decided that I would go stay with my paternal grandparents during the week. I would go home with my parents on weekends.

Don’t be upset that it worked this way. It saved my parents money hence this is why my mom went back to work and it was better than going to a sitters. Although I’m not sure exactly how it worked then.

Obviously, I don’t remember actually anything of what I just told you. So, this was explained to me when I was older. I just knew I was loved very much by 4 people.

Why I Admire My Grandma

Some of my earliest memories are of all the African violets my grandma had. All over the house were these flowers that intrigued me. They were beautiful and different shades of purple. She grew them in coffee cans. Maybe that is why I have never had much luck growing mine. I put them in pretty pots!

I don’t ever remember grandma raising her voice to me. Oh there was one time I remember she sat me on a chair. I do not remember why though. She would always talk with me and explain what she was doing and why.

Grandma was a great cook and baker. I loved watching her make cookies. She never told me to go play. I was her little side kick.

They had chickens in a house with a fence around it. I really never paid much attention to them.

I will be honest I fibbed to grandma one time. As I think about it, it wasn’t a fib. This was much later in my life. I was going to be starting driver’s ed and had never driven a car, not even practice. Grandma was watching us, my brothers had come along by now, as my parents were out of town for the weekend. I asked grandma if she would let me drive. The reason it wasn’t a fib, she never asked the question!!

So, my 2 brothers and grandma and I pile into her car. She drove through town to a highway and pulled over. We changed places and I started to drive. First off it was a dual lane highway and there wasn’t much traffic this day. I’m driving and she stated I was doing a really good job. Then she asked how many times had I driven. I said, “oh this is my first time.” She immediately told me to pull over and that was the end of my practice.

Why I Admire My Grandpa

I honestly don’t ever remember grandpa raising his voice to me either. I do remember his laugh. I can kind of hear it now.

Grandpa was a hard worker. When it was a work day, I would sit at the breakfast table with him. Grandma would fix his breakfast. The only thing I remember was a dark red glass with some milk in it. I loved that glass. After grandpa finished, at least I thought he had finished, he had a piece of bread and the next thing I knew he was putting that bread in the red glass. Well, soon there was no more milk and grandpa was eating that bread. He let me taste it once. That was all I wanted.

Grandpa was a gentle man. I don’t remember him raising his voice to any family member. He had a lot of friends and really liked to visit with the neighbors.

He would mesmerize me when he played cards. We played a lot of card games as a family. I got to play when I got older. The one thing I never could figure out was how did he know what cards were still not played? To this day if we are playing cards with the family, I remember the thought and now I know how he knew!

I am very proud to say I am the only grandchild grandpa would let eat an ice cream cone in his car. That is because I was very meticulous eating my cone. I never let it drip.

Unfortunately, grandpa didn’t get to watch me grow up passed 10 years of age. He had a massive stroke and died. I do remember that day we had gone to a lake with my aunt, their daughter, and uncle and cousins. We had a great day and grandpa laughed a lot.

So, this is just several reasons why I to this day still admire my grandparents.

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Deb Andrews
Deb Andrews

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    4 replies to "Why I Admire These Two People"

    • Florence Callender

      What lovely memories, Deb! I had a good laugh at your grandmother’s reaction when you told her you were driving for the first time.

      • Deb Andrews

        Oh yeah, I remember that look and comment like it just happened yesterday!!! 🙂 Thank you for commenting.

    • Doug

      Hi Deb, This is a great story. It is relationships like that that help children grow up to be a great influence on others Blog on!

      • Deb Andrews

        Thanks Doug. I agree children do need good influencers in their lives, hopefully family. Thank you for commenting.

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