Yay, the clouds are getting darker. In the distance you can here the thunder. My husband checks the weather station. Do all guys do that!? He tells me it should be here in about a half an hour. I just smile as I know it will or will not get here when it is suppose to.

No Severe Warnings

This is going to be just a nice thunderstorm. So far there is no lightning. The rain starts to fall and the wind picks up just a little.

I am cleaning today and can’t sit and watch it roll in. When our children were smaller and afraid of the storms, we would either sit on the porch, if possible, or lie in bed, if it was happening at night, and look out the window. As the storm got louder and the rain heavier, we would discuss what was happening and they were safe. I actually miss those moments.

Even as the grandchildren started coming, if they were spending the night or just over for the day, I would do the same thing. Hopefully helping them not be afraid and learn a little something too.

However, it is just my husband and I today with this storm. The thunder is getting louder and more frequent. The rain is also coming down harder. There it is! The first streak of lightning!

The rain is coming down pretty hard now. The lightning is coming a little faster as the storm really moves actually overhead now.

I don’t like being on the computer while it is storming just in case the power goes out. I would be lost without my computer. So yes I am typing this after the storm has passed!

We have not really had a good thunderstorm with much lightning at all this summer yet. Well, here it is and I am enjoying listening as I clean.

My husband informs me of the time the sun should be out in about 90 minutes.

Oh this is so great, listening and knowing the grass and plants are loving it. We haven’t had much rain for about a month now.

Yes, the storm is moving passed but not too fast. Even as the storm moves away the thunder and lightning can be seen and heard.

And then it was gone! The rain has stopped and the sun is out. It has been exactly 90 minutes! Yes, he announced, “the sun is out right at 1pm when the map stated it would be out!” I just smiled.

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Deb Andrews
Deb Andrews

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    10 replies to "Who Does Not Like A Thunder Storm?"

    • Anita

      I work midnights so I sleep during the day and I like a rainy day to sleep, it is relaxing but the thunderstorms in Florida can be crazy and make it hard to sleep.

      • Deb Andrews

        Hey Anita, a “nice” rain and thunderstorm can be relaxing. Yes, I totally understand about the ones that seem to get carried away and bring some not so nice fierceness. Thank you for commenting.

    • Rachel Lavern

      I don't like thunder storms–never have. Fortunately, we live in California where we rarely have one.

      • Deb Andrews

        Rachel, you are not the only one in that boat and that is ok. Be safe from the fires I pray. Thank you for commenting.

    • Paul B. Taubman, II

      I love a good storm. Even if we (the family) is watching a movie, I will hit pause and go out on the porch to watch it for a while.

      Although the "Storm is approaching," I love this audio – https://weather.ambient-mixer.com/storm-approaching-at-night

      • Deb Andrews

        Hi Paul, the storm I wrote about was a nice kind of calming storm, if that makes sense. There wasn’t huge winds and the lightning didn’t last long. It was just refreshing as we haven’t really had maybe a couple claps of thunder with rain this summer. Thank you for commenting.

    • Marc Cohen

      I was afraid of thunderstorms as a child, but have grown to appreciate them as an adult. I will stand in the open doorway, waiting in anticipation of the next lightening bolt and crack of thunder. Another amazing part of nature. I enjoyed reading your post.

      • Deb Andrews

        Hey Marc, Yes as a child I didn’t like the storms either until my dad would sit with me and sometimes in the garage or front porch and talk to me as we watched it roll in. I believe that is why we talked with the children when a storm was coming. I can’t say that I especially stand in the open doorway!! 🙂 Thank you for commenting.

    • Martha

      I love a nice rain storm without thunder and lightening. Lia loves running in the raindrops and it brings back memories of when I was a little girl doing the same thing! I'm not big on thunder storms especially if it's at night. We had one the other night and it wasn't fun.

      • Deb Andrews

        Martha, I understand. Usually I don’t like especially the lightning and wind however the storm we had was actually what I would call a calm thunder storm. There really wasn’t much wind and just a few bolts of lightning. Children love those rain drops when it is just rain and safe!! Thank you for commenting.

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