As I started bringing my business online, the word comparitis was a word I had not really heard before. Yes, as a child I was taught not to compare. So now what is this comparitis, possibly a new flu strain?

Learning how to do things for my business online, I would see someone new come into the marketing community I was in and seem to be leap years ahead of me. Man, I would think I must really be slow at learning. Why am I not growing the way this person is?

Then I was in a conference with my entrepreneurial community and there was a quote that one of the Master Trainers stated.

” The reason we struggle with insecurity is because we compare our behind the scenes with everyone else’s highlight reel.” Steve Furtick

WOW, that spoke volumes to me. I do not compare my journey anymore with someone else’s. I hope a newbie does not compare my journey to theirs. As we all know or should know the journey is different for everyone.

Unfortunately, that little voice in our head likes to keep us on edge, wondering am I good enough, what’s wrong with me! Another lesson, I feel, probably as difficult as comparitis, is the VOICE!!

This can sneak up on us when we least expect it. I can say this with confidence as it has happened to me more than once.

As I continue to learn and move forward growing myself and my business, that little voice and the comparitis has not bugged me for awhile. I do know it will try again and again especially when I least expect it. That is when I need to be strong enough to not listen and not compare. I believe though it is part of growing myself to being a better person. Becoming an better entrepreneur and moving to my own beat of the drum.

To Your Success,


Deb Andrews
Deb Andrews

I mentor entrepreneurs to bring and grow their business online by giving value and strategies that will bring more leads and sales.

    6 replies to "To Compare Or Not To Compare"

    • Karin

      You got this lady! There’s always going to be days that we feel like someone else is stronger or better than us. If we can forget that and simply be better than we were yesterday, we are winning!

      • Deb Andrews

        Karin, that is what is most important, being better than we were the day before. Thanks for commenting.

    • Victoria Juster

      Good one, Deb! This is so true. I love how you compare ‘your behind the scenes with someone else’s highlight reel. I’ll definitely keep that in mind!

      • Deb Andrews

        Victoria,Yeah, it is so easy to forget the person or people we are looking at have had their journey and it’s ups and downs. Thank you as always for commenting.

    • Samantha

      Hi Deb, your post resonated with me. I have been blogging for a while and don’t seem to be as far as most others I chat with. I had never looked at it like your said – a highlight reel. Then I turned it around and thought about all the travel we do and what people think about us being able to go as much as we can. BUT they don’t know some of the things we give up, the things we do to save money, etc. They are only seeing the end results. This helped me to remember to just plug along and enjoy the journey. Happy travels. 🙂

      • Deb Andrews

        Yes Samantha, we all have our own journey and no one knows what we do or how we got where we are. Awesome, yes my husband and I have traveled a lot to. Glad we can start again. Thank you for commenting. Be safe and have fun!

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