You’ve probably heard the Know Like Trust Factor. However what exactly does that mean? You are brand new to the online business and you need to know how to build The Know, Like, Trust thing. The reality is it doesn’t happen overnight. This takes time and I am going to show you how to get started and get to the Trust Factor!

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The Know Like Trust Factor

As I said this does not happen overnight. How long did it take you to really get to know your college classmates or your spouse? Does not matter who it takes time to get to know somebody.

It also takes work. It is always a give and take in relationships. Whether it’s a friendship or marriage, it is a give and take.

Being online is not like being in the same room where a person can see and hear the emotion from you. So, it takes longer to build that repour.

This is why you have to be giving lots of value consistently and it is going to take time and work even with that

Needing A Foundation For Know Like Trust

Like everything worth building, you are going to need a foundation for the know like trust factor. Every marketing training I have been through emphasizes this. I can’t emphasize it enough in this blog. Because if you don’t get the foundation does not matter the building blocks I give you, it is going to crumble.

So here is a video that is talking about what I am laying out for you. Hilary and I do our LIVEs weekly. Ah ha, that is consistency!!

Building A Bridge Of Like And Trust

You have to have an audience to get value to. Who might that be? This will take some time to figure out at first. It did me. This audience will even evolve as you evolve too.

You have to know who you are speaking to. Audience, as we know it, is usually a group of people. Your audience will be a group of people however you are going to speak to just one. Don’t worry they all will hear what you are saying. Isn’t it easier to speak with just one person usually? This is why you will speak to one.

You are a business owner and you’ve got your product that you are selling. But your audience is over here. How are you going to reach them? You will build that bridge with your value you give.

This is how you start to build the like factor with your value. You are building that bridge.

If you don’t know who your audience is what do you do? This is where time comes in. It will take time to find them and then start building your emotional bridge. You will start to touch them, their hearts and their brains. It will make sense to your audience.

So knowing your audience the communication starts. You know what to talk to them about.

I will be honest, it took me awhile to figure my audience out. I am a mom however not a mom with young children or even teens. So I can’t relate to them. I wondered and thought and then it hit me.

My audience is an older person, not like a younger mom, who possibly stepped out of a job to start their own business. They want to do a business but have not really a clue where to start.

Just remember and don’t get discouraged, this will take time to hone in on the right audience.

Sharing Relevant Information

The first thing you need to do is share relevant information to them. This has nothing to do with what you are selling. It’s information that is interesting and relevant to them.

My audience probably doesn’t know a lot of technology. Yes, they have a smartphone and maybe don’t know a lot about it.

I know those struggles of learning technology and how to maneuver around the computer. I don’t want people to struggle the way I did. The time it took me to learn what I know.

You want to share information that will help them possibly. Like I just found out how do this thing on my phone. Explain and you will reach someone that has this issue also.

With consistent sharing of different things like that they will start to like what value and other tips you are giving them.

What ever is relevant to your audience share it. Honestly, there will be someone out there that does not know how to do what you are sharing.

Then the comments will come as they start to trust you. If they are comments you can reach back out to them great. Always thank them for LIKING your post or your zoom or your blog. That also builds a relationship.

You can still share in a warm and loving manner with them. This allows you to be you and they learn you are a many dimensional person, just like them.

WOW! There is the know like trust factor again.

Sharing Your Business

Yes, you will get to share your business. However you have to build the foundation first. You are here to share your business but you don’t want to shove it in their face. The time will come when they will ask.

They definitely will ask because they now like and trust you.

Be yourself and just enjoy the journey with your new friends.

If you found value from these tips please comment below.

You can also share this blog on your post. Someone will see it and think, “WOW, she/he(you) knows this blogger, I need to follow her/him(you). You can start to build that emotional bridge.

To Your Success,


Deb Andrews
Deb Andrews

I mentor entrepreneurs to bring and grow their business online by giving value and strategies that will bring more leads and sales.

    6 replies to "The Know, Like, Trust Factor"

    • Isabel Mendoza

      This is a great reminder to stay patient! I want things to move along quickly but, you’re right! Making relationships in person & online take time & trust! Thank you Deb!

      • Deb Andrews

        Yes, Isabel. I have the same problem wanting things to move as fast as I do most days. Thank you for commenting.

    • Martha

      Very valuable information especially for anyone starting their own business. Without realizing it years ago, that's how I did it, I would share information on something I knew and next thing, I had a new client!

      • Deb Andrews

        Martha, thank you for commenting. I don’t want anyone to struggle the way I did bringing my business online.

    • Marcie Hardy

      Trust is such a HUGE component in so many things, especially in business. Thank you for bringing that up because I tend to forget that as I'm strategizing. I'm about to write it down, so I don't forget.

      • Deb Andrews

        Marcie, we do get focused on “getting things done” and forget people have to TRUST us first and that does take a while to build. Without that does not matter what things we feel need to get done won’t happen only with crickets for us. Just remember the foundation always seems to take the longest but once done usually it last forever or a very long time! Thank you for commenting.

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