WOW! I don’t really know where to start. There have been so many really good movies I have really liked.

I think all of the movies I have watched and I don’t have a “theme” of the kinds of movies I like. I can tell you the kind I don’t like and never have. That would be the scary, not ghost scary either, or blood and guts movies. I absolutely refuse to watch those. I don’t relish being scared like that. Since it is a movie, it is my choice to see it or not.

The last movie I went to see was a Marvel movie, End Game. The first Marvel I saw was Ironman. The whole family was home and our daughter in law got the movie. The whole family watched it and loved it. I believe that is when one of my grandsons decided how he felt about the Avengers. Of course who knew there were Avengers at the first Ironman. I certainly didn’t know. I have to admit I did like the movie. Of course who couldn’t like Robert Downey Jr.!!

Then it was several years when I saw Ironman 2. Ok, I liked that one too. Because I am not going to remember how all the Marvels followed let me get to the point. I had seen a few more and then it was announced Captain Marvel would be released. Well, don’t you know I had only seen maybe 4 at the most at that point.

So, we were out in Arizona with some of the family and my daughter in law, yup the same one that introduced us to Marvel got tickets for Captain Marvel. It was at a theater that we could have dinner before the movie. Oh my gosh I think I am now getting a real interest in these Marvel characters.

Well a little time passed and it was announced End Game was going to be released.

Now, I am on a mission to watch as many of the Marvels I could get a hold of. Please I see you laughing! As I watched them, I guess I enjoyed, loved, I don’t know what word to use for me. Maybe really really really liked these movies. They were entertaining and I liked the creators. Maybe because they were fighting for our world and the universe.

It turned out I had watched enough of them that I could follow End Game even though there were a few characters I didn’t know how they fit in. It was ok, they were good guys also.

The one character I could not find anywhere his movies, Captain America. I wanted to know how he came about especially after I found out he was the first.

Remember the grandson I said was I don’t even know a term to use on how much he liked the Avengers. Let me put it this way, he has ALL of the movies. Yes, he saved me. Actually, he gave us the movies, all of them, to watch. I believe I counted 20.

I have never binged watch anything until then. We probably watched one every night for about 8 or 9 evenings. Then life kind of picked up and there would be days we had not watched any.

Not to keep you in suspense, my husband printed off how they came out at the movies. I lined them all up in that order. That is how we watched them, in order. It started with Captain America and I was happy.

It took us almost 2 months to watch all of them. Ryan gave them to us in a garbage bag! When we gave them back I had purchased a nice container for them and all his Star Wars movies too! Yeah he sent those and thought we might like to watch them. We never got around to them.

Gosh, I think through all of this, I probably seem like an Avengers Geek too. I believe why I liked them is because as I stated they fought for justice. They were positive movies. They are also entertaining movies.

Another kind of movie I really like are true stories. I have always loved history and I think true stories are a history, at least a history of someone’s life.

Have I taken anything from any of these movies and changed anything in my life? Probably not except learned and been entertained and just stayed the positive person I have always been.

To Your Succes,


Deb Andrews
Deb Andrews

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    6 replies to "So Many Great Movies"

    • Jaime Brainerd

      Hello Deborah, Marvel movies are my favorite, too! Did you know that most of the characters have their own TV series? When I couldn’t go out to watch movies, I caught up on some of my favorite Marvel characters by streaming them. Thank you for sharing!

      Sending lots of love and gratitude,

      • Deb Andrews

        No I did not know only Vision had one. Thanks for commetning.

    • Marc Cohen

      Deborah, who doesn’t like a movie about good versus evil, and good winning. I’ll take it! I have seen Ironman but not the sequels. And I’ve seen a few of the Star Wars. After reading your blog, I am ready to get back to both movie franchises and catch up. May the force be with you!

      • Deb Andrews

        Marc, have fun watching them. Thank you for commenting.

    • debra

      You are a solider and a good Mom and Grandma. I just haven’t been able to even start with the Marvel movies.

      • Deb Andrews

        Thank you. If it weren’t for family I probably wouldn’t have either. Thank you for commenting.

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