I am Deb Andrews and I’m glad you are here.

My Network Marketing business started over 9 years ago. But before that I was actively working as a Registered Nurse.

I enjoyed working as a nurse but nurses’ training didn’t prepare me for the long hours and being away from family.

Working in the hospital meant working at least every other weekend and pretty much all holidays. My patients needed me but so did my family.

My pay wasn’t comparable for the time I spent and the responsibilities I had. My heart was there for helping my patients but broke as I left home and my children. They needed me too !

As I didn’t feel there was an end to this, my friend called and asked if I had time to talk. Yes, I had a little time and that’s when I heard about Network Marketing.

I didn’t really know anything about it. So, I was very excited to listen. WOW, this sounded like what I needed to be able to spend time with family and still be able to help with the bills.

Home meetings, hotel meetings, talking to everyone was right up my alley or so I thought. I liked talking to people. After all, being a nurse, I had to initiate the conversation. How hard could this be ? I was still going to help people.

But this conversation wasn’t at all the kind I was used to having. Actually, my friend didn’t really teach me how to have a conversation about what I was doing and how I could help others.

It didn’t take long before family and friends pretty much avoided me. I knew I had this great product that could help them have a better quality of life. But, I always got this answer, ” It’s too expensive.” or ” I’m fine and don’t need your product.”

Eventually, cold market, people I didn’t know, were my prospects. Some wanted to join my team. Great ! After teaching them how to do the business, they decided it was too hard and left. My team became just me !

I was back at square one. As I thought about this dilemma, I just knew there had to be a better way.

That is when I heard another friend had taken her Network Marketing business online. I was not very adept with the computer but I talked with her anyway. I could at least copy and paste and knew NOT to hit the DELETE button if I didn’t want something totally gone !

I’m glad I had that conversation with her because that is when I heard about Attraction Marketing.

Attraction Marketing helped me learn the technical stuff but also taught how to attract prospects to me. This meant I was not getting rejected any more as prospects reached out to me.

I felt like I hit a jackpot. Actually, I did. I have prospects reaching out to me while I am in my home with my family. Attraction Marketing has brought me time freedom and a life style to be enjoyed.

So, if this is what you are looking for, time freedom and a better life, just schedule a 30 Minute meeting with me below.


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