WOW! This is a very good question. Where do I even start?

I have to start at the very beginning. The first influencers in my life were my parents. Even as an adult I would seek their advice. Maybe I would take it and maybe I wouldn’t. I still wanted to hear what they had to say.

Then there were many teachers that I remember to this day that were my influencers. You know those teachers that would go above and beyond with their teaching or helping you understand something. The ones that did the little things that just stuck in the brain. I can remember the ones in grade school, high school and college.

Unfortunately, I can also remember a few that seemed to try and make it harder to learn something. An example in my life, were 2 professors in college as I was in nurses training. One professor taught A&P (anatomy and physiology) and another that taught pharmacology. They both seemed to enjoy teaching way way above everyone’s heads. Yes, I believe we all struggled in those classes. They would not bring it down even to the tops of our heads. Actually, my belief is these two should not be teaching even at the college level. Unfortunately, I had both of them at the same time. I really thought first I was losing my mind. I am smarter than this I would think. Secondly, I was pretty sure with these two I would flunk out of nurses training. Thank goodness, I made it and had a great nursing career.

After deciding I wanted to be my own boss. I jumped into the entrepreneurial world. Yes, I had a product as Network Marketing came into my life. As time would have it I needed to take my business online, Social Media oh my!!

I did not know technology very well at all. I had a Facebook page, thanks to my daughter. I had a cell phone. At the time Smart Phones weren’t invented yet. So, I was ok at least for awhile.

OK, I don’t know technology well and my business is online now. I had to find someone to help me. I did. It is a community that taught marketing with technology. I guess “taught” is not quite the wording I need. Not knowing technology that meant the words in technology also. I didn’t really know how to use the computer except for getting emails. Again thanks to my daughter.

In this community there was a person that her teaching videos I could understand at least passed the first few words. I was so glad she had all kinds of teaching videos in this community. I was at least moving slooowly forward!

I was like star struck when I was at a conference and there she was, sitting by the pool one quiet morning writing. Now was the time, I felt, I needed to softly say hi. I had already learned so much from her. She was so gracious to allow me to interrupt her.

One day it was announced she was leaving the community. Oh no, what am I going to do!? I am going to continue learning the best I could. It was a long haul.

As life would have it, I didn’t like running ads on Facebook. Probably because I didn’t understand then enough when I was told, “you really need to run ads to get your product and you known.” Oh was that a struggle.

Like I said as life would have it and my journey, Pinterest was really starting to be more known, I guess I can say actually more known for business. I knew about Pinterest but was not into finding crafts or recipes so I never really paid any attention to it. Until I needed to because I didn’t like running the ads that were eating up money and not converting.

Oh my gosh, I reached out to learn and there she was teaching it. So, mind you when I started with her little mentoring group that is now a Mastermind, I didn’t know what a board was or a pin.

She taught me so much not only in Pinterest and also getting to understand technology. I am becoming an entrepreneur for my own business of mentoring others. I mentor because I know and remember how much I struggled and do not wish that on anyone. She is my mentor and guide and am so appreciative that my journey has brought me to this place with Chef Katrina Van Oudheusden. She has helped me “grow up” and be able to move forward. Thank you so much Chef.

To Your Success,


Deb Andrews
Deb Andrews

I mentor entrepreneurs to bring and grow their business online by giving value and strategies that will bring more leads and sales.

    4 replies to "Influencers In My Life"

    • My parents were my first influencers as well. And even though both are no longer with us, I think they are still influencing me today. I enjoyed reading about your experiences! Thank you!

      • Deb Andrews

        Yes, I agree that mine are still influencing me also. Thank you for commenting

    • Victoria Juster

      Wow, Deb! Great post and great web site. So much to learn for us 2nd or 3rd career people.

      • Deb Andrews

        Thank you Victoria. Thank you for commenting too.

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