To tell you about that title, I need to give you some information of what I am doing.

I am in the Ultimate Blog Challenge. I have to post one of my blogs daily for 31 days. I am a fairly new blogger and this is getting me into writing.

I have enjoyed the challenge so far. I post mine and then comment on 2 others. So, not only is my writing getting better, at least I hope, but I am learning by reading others’ blogs.

Today’s challenge, Paul stated we could have some fun. Well, that is how I took it.

I am going to post a few pictures and you can have fun putting a caption with the pictures.

You can do one picture or all of them.

Here we go;

Photo 1

Photo 2

Photo 3

So, make your captions below coordinated with the picture number.

Also, so I can send you a gift for your efforts, please leave your name and email.

Not sure? Well here’s some information to let you know I am serious about sending you a gift.

Vacation 7 Night Dream Vacation

First, don’t fret. You would have up to 12 months to use this travel certificate. Travel is starting to open up more and more.

There are 3000 resorts or condos you can chose from.

Where can you travel: Canada, USA, Mexico, Europe, Asia, Africa, Caribbean, Australia, South America and the Middle East.

I Am Not A Travel Agent

No, I am an entrepreneur that has access to these, yes there are more, certificates because of the entrepreneurial community I am a member of. These are just benefits that I can give away.

No Timeshare or sales presentation required! 

So have some fun with your captions.

Don’t forget to put your caption in the comments below along with your name and email.

To Your Success,



Deb Andrews
Deb Andrews

I mentor entrepreneurs to bring and grow their business online by giving value and strategies that will bring more leads and sales.

    2 replies to "Have Some Fun And Win"

    • Nancy

      Hello Deb…#1 – hello friend, #2 – The Warmth of the Sun Brightens My Day, #3 – Roadrunner, beep beep…(this one is my favorite). I love the serenity of it…all three are awesome!

    • Vidya

      That is a cool prize indeed!!! And my favorite pic of these is the second one … here are my captions #1 Oasis of Fountains.. #2 You Make Me Pink… #3 Lead Me to the Mountains

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