It is so amazing how ideas for writing a blog will just pop into my head at some of the things that happen in my day.

I am going to try and put music to my day!! Actually, my day started out pretty good and by noon it was sliding fast.

Technology is what I had to learn to bring my business online several years ago. People tell me how far I have come.

I hope so since I teach it to others now.

I am proud of what I have learned and then I have a day like today, oh my gosh. Never get to cocky, which I am not, because things will come to really frustrate you.

There is an automation tool I need to get installed. Well, the lady who is heading this up for my entrepreneurial community what an angel. She worked with me for several hours through messenger and zoom.

Rarely do I get so frustrated that I need to get up and walk away. Well I did today and took a 45 minute walk. When I got back I decided to get a little lunch, maybe that would help also. She had done 6 little zooms for me to follow. I got to the second zoom when my husband came home and it was time to get dinner.

Did you notice I first was talking about lunch and now it’s dinner time. No, I don’t eat that much. It is how long I was trying to get something installed on my computer.

Needless to say, right after dinner this sweet lady was having an onboarding for whomever was having issues. Oh yeah, I joined the zoom. Actually, I didn’t feel so bad once I was there. In the zoom there were quite a few people asking questions. Yes I was the one at square 1, downloading to my computer.

What was a great help was listening to and watching everyone with their issues and getting them taken care of. WOOHOO! there is hope I can get this dome tonight.

Yes, I did. Now I am writing my blog for the challenge and want to insert a video for you to listen to and hear the frustration in the music I felt. Here goes…

Piano Sonata No. 11: Rondo alla Turca

Oh my gosh, will you look at this!! I guess my night is going to end not so crazy. I love Mozart. I just put in frustration music, he was one that popped up. There were some pretty crazy songs also. Anyway, this is not a really crazy song. I liked it when I listened and I hope you will like it too especially if you had a frustrating day.

Happy listening!!

To Your Success,


Deb Andrews
Deb Andrews

I mentor entrepreneurs to bring and grow their business online by giving value and strategies that will bring more leads and sales.

    4 replies to "Frustration To Music"

    • Heidi Albertson

      Oh Debbie there are soooo many days I feel like this too. When technology goes smoothly or like our brains think it should it’s all good. I had a frustrating day, but it ended on a really good note.;)

      • Deb Andrews

        Heidi, yup technology, can’t live with it can’t live without it!! My day also end better than the middle. I can’t say as it started because it really did start out good. Have a great day. Thanks for commenting.

    • Florence Callender

      Amazing, Deb! Mozart is also the composer whose music I use for music listening therapy.

      • Deb Andrews

        I love piano and Mozart is one of my favorites. Thank you for commenting.

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