In the Blog Challenge Paul suggests sharing my view on something happening in the news. I will be honest, I don’t watch the news except my local news at 11 pm and then it basically is for the weather. So there were some inspirational things that happened on this day many years ago. So let’s have an inspirational day, May25.

Years ago, 60 to be exact, on this day President John F. Kennedy gave a speech that the United States will be going to the moon. Of course there were naysayers. Isn’t there always? They couldn’t understand why we needed to do that. So, he answered the question, “why go to the moon?” Because it is hard and we need to be on the frontier of space.

I do not remember this as I was a little kid. The one thing I do remember about President Kennedy is when he was assonated.

Also on this day there was some sporting news, one being in baseball. I love baseball. I have 2 grandsons that played and is playing. They were and are pretty good. Yes, I am saying that because I’m their grandma and also they both have had coaches that made it to the bigs, MLB, that helped each one better himself to go on if he wanted.

86 years ago today, Babe Ruth, who was 40 years of age at the time, was not doing so well as a player. This day though he smashed 3 home runs, one in which he hit more than 500 yard it was estimated. He was the ” Sultan of Swat” and his record held for 39 years. His title makes me wonder if the song “Sultan of Swing” came from his title!?

And, again 86 years ago today a young athlete from Ohio State University, Jesse Owens, broke three world records for track and field. Now you might have guessed it, yes one of the grandsons that plays baseball also ran track. The season is over now. So obviously that article drew my attention. Back to Mr. Owens, he did four events at that meet, tying the world record for the 100 meter dash, breaking the records for the 220 yard sprints and the 220 yard low hurdles. And as if that weren’t enough he also broke and kept the record for the long jump for a quarter of a century.

He became a 4 time Gold Medalist in the Olympics the next year. Most people I think remember what he did to Hitler’s track stars. If you don’t follow sports, he beat them and this was in 1935.

These were clips of what happened on this day, May25, so many years ago. Yes there were more awesome things that happened on this day of inspiration but these are the ones I chose to write about.

I hope you got some inspiration from these feats that were accomplished so many years ago.

To Your Success,


Deb Andrews
Deb Andrews

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    6 replies to "An Inspirational Day"

    • Samantha Taki

      Hi Deb, enjoyed your article and also a baseball fan. I always love hearing outstanding stats. I had heard about Bath Ruth’s (#3) monster homerun, but did not realize that it held for 39 years. Now I am inspired to look it up myself and learn more, :). Thanks for sharing.

      • Deb Andrews

        Samantha, look in Paul’s post for the inspiration news, I believe that is what he called it. Anyway, that is where I found a whole list of things that happened on this day. Thank you for commenting.

    • debra

      Fun post . . . and 46 years ago today was my wedding.

      • Deb Andrews

        Debra, Congratulations! Thank you for commenting.

    • Jaime B

      Hi Deb, I don’t watch the news either. I like what you did by picking things that your grandson’s are interested in. Great recap on the things that happened in history on this day, May 25. I was not alive during any of the times you mentioned, but they all stand out in history as I have learned and heard about all of those events. The one thing I did not know is that the Sultan of Swing song was named for Babe Ruth, I love that musical connection!
      Thank you for sharing. Sending lots of love and gratitude.

      • Deb Andrews

        Jaime, I also was not alive except for John F Kennedy for the other things I wrote about. I found them very interesting. As for the Sultan of Swing, I am not sure if it was named after Babe Ruth so I posed it as a question. Thank you for commenting.

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