The question has been posed, do I work or not work on the weekend?

My week starts on Monday like everyone else. I am up early and workout. When I get home from the gym I say my prayers and affirmations.

Actually, this is how Monday through Sunday starts. After that each day is a little different depending on what needs to get accomplished.

This is what usually my week looks like. Each color represents a different activity that I need to get done. I have personal and business scheduled.

The white spaces can be for a team member that needs to chat. I can tell them when I am available. This allows me to continue with my day and not get side tracked.

Before I would stop what I was doing and then talk with a team member. This method totally got me side swiped. It didn’t take long before my day was done and I didn’t get everything accomplished for that day.

My mentor told me what she does. She stated she tells her team member when they reach out when she is available to chat. It made total sense to me. So this way I have time for my team. By letting them know when I can talk or zoom, it seems to calm them that we will connect sometime that day.

The answer of working, I plan Monday through Saturday. I try really hard not to work on Sunday. This seems to give me some space to recoup from the week.

Usually Sunday evening, I have my calendar and am scheduling my week personal first and then what meetings, LIVEs, IPAs, zooms I know I have as scheduled times.

I didn’t use to schedule personal time whether for me, workouts and prayers, or laundry, dusting, mopping and whatever else needs to get done around the house. Oh and showering too! These kinds of things get scheduled now as my business has gotten busier. The house was being neglected. This time doing chores helps me clear my mind especially if something for business is not flowing well, mostly computer work.

So to answer the question do I work weekends or not, I will work at least some of Saturday. Sundays I really do try to not plan any work whatsoever. You’ve heard the saying, “the best laid plans”. Yes, some Sundays there is work especially if I’m in a blog challenge and haven’t gotten a blog written for Sunday!!

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Deb Andrews
Deb Andrews

I mentor entrepreneurs to bring and grow their business online by giving value and strategies that will bring more leads and sales.

    7 replies to "A Day Of Rest"

    • Heidi Albertson

      I schedule my days, but I need to get better at ‘following’ the schedule instead of dropping everything when someone wants to chat

      • Deb Andrews

        Yes, I used to do that until our very favorite person told me what she does. It really does help keep you from getting side tracked. Thank you for commenting.

    • Heidi Albertson

      I schedule my days, but I need to get better at ‘following’ the schedule instead of dropping everything when someone wants to chat

    • Elisa

      I am envious of your calendar. I need something like that to show what free time I have available to work on projects.

      • Deb Andrews

        Elisa, you can order one or just go to an office supply store and buy a day planner. Put your schedule of things that need to get done for the day, color code with high lighters, green for money (things that relate to my business), blue for personal, orange for lunch and dinner etc. I love it because it sits right here next to me where I can see everything including the whole week and I check mark as I get things done. Any questions just let me know. Thank you for commenting.

    • Paul Taubman

      For me, my calendar is all electronic and online. I find it much easier to allow clients to schedule time with me via an online scheduler. This saves a lot of back and forth time.

      • Deb Andrews

        Hi Paul, yes I have an online calendar and scheduling for team and clients. My calendar that I have in my blog is for me. It is my Power List and I can see what I still need to get done for the day. Thank you for commenting.

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